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Gutted: A Revengers Musical

Aged 7 Sorrow saw her parents brutally murdered in an unfortunate incident. 15 years later she has found the man who did it, married him and now it is now payback time.

I’d decided to take a break from Edinburgh in 2010 until I got a phonecall from Chris George asking if me and Martin had thought about doing another musical. Only this time bigger. Not long after PP I’d started working on a story about a girl who works for a man that is so evil she decides to eat all his family – but then I was told about ‘Cannibal: the musical’. Balls I thought, balls. So I went back and worked on the story that would become Gutted while on holiday in Lanzarote, Christmas 09. All the characters are named after David Bowie songs. Yeah yeah, I’m a fan. We really wanted the original cast of Psister Psycho back together but unfortunately Crilly and Wix were busy lezzing up or something (writing a TV show).

Director – Chris George4949445952_14fe2144b7

Mr Bewlay – Colin Hoult
Sorrow – Helen George
The Vicar – Michael Legge
Mrs Station – Margaret Cabourn-Smith
Jean – Sara Pascoe
Joe – Ben Bailey Smith
Mr Wendy – Humphrey Ker
Redd – David Reed
Kook – Thom Tuck
Buddy Stardust – Jim Bob (from Carter USM!)
Iris – Lizzie Roper
Chorus – Fiona Stephenson and Daniel Tawse
Piano – Martin White
Bass – Danielle Ward
Guitar – Graeme Mearns
Drums – Ali Murray

Fact: Before settling on Gutted, the show was called Project Ace, Bloody People, Stabulous and Bad Wife.

Exit Music: Gutted – Ward and White

“There’s an infectious sense of enthusiasm to the performances and some killer lines, in both senses. If you like ensemble comedy that’s smartly written, gloriously over-the-top and gets your feet tapping, this show offers a change of tempo from the usual stand-up fare” – The Observer

Gutted is now available to download (FOR FREE MOTHERBROTHERS) on Soundcloud.


Helen George - Gutted 4949426034_9b14cac3a1_m









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