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Vitriola Music

I did Michael Legge and Robin Ince’s fabulous Vitriola Music Live gig before Christmas. Here is a podcast of that said performance. I had A LOT of fun.


Bowieoke Circus – Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club 11th Feb

Three and a half years since we called time on ‘The best night out in London’ according to Chris Addison, we’re back. One night only. All Bowie songs. All proceeds are going to Cancer Research UK and MacMillan Cancer Support. We’ve got some incredible guest singers and some old favourites all doing songs, plus open spots and the chance to win a ‘quite good prize’. There might even be an art auction (we’re still working out the deets). It sold out in 45 minutes, and all extra tickets have gone as well now. But look out on twitter for spare tickets that become available on the day.

Let all the children boogie…

Bowie was the best

I’m very sad today. But what a man to be in love with, eh?

Mailing List

I know right? About bloody time… (it’s here)

Edinburgh and Beyond…

Thanks to everybody who came to see my silly hour in Edinburgh this year. Especially the guys who turned up in Dani Frankenstein t-shirts  – that’s the nearest I’ll ever get to a hen night. It was pretty much a total sell out bar a couple of midweek dates and bizarrely the last Saturday when just 17 people came. I assume everyone else was hungover? I’d love to tour the show but I don’t have a producer/PR person and I haven’t got the time or connections to do it myself so if you run a lovely arts centre somewhere and fancy an hour of stupid sexy (non-sexy) hip hop then get in touch. Otherwise I’ll be back next year with an entirely new show.


Do The Right Thing: Series 5 out now

After seventeen years since our last series, Do The Right Thing is back. Guests include Katherine Ryan, Doc Brown, Dave Gorman and Joe Lycett. I have barely any recollection of what was said in any of them, which is a bit worrying.

Danielle Ward: Dani Frankenstein Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Do come. It’s bloody well free innit.