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Do The Right Thing gets a TV Pilot

I should have probably put this up sooner, but yes – Do The Right Thing has a TV pilot. Tickets went instantly but details of how you can win a pair of places on the VIP guestlist will be in the November edition of my newsletter when that comes out at the weekend. Sign up for it here.

We’re filming at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden on 9th November. Michael & Margaret are team captains, I’ll be doing some sort of co-host/scores/scenarios shtick and we’ve got a BIG NAME PERSON to host. Also the panelists (FOUR STRAIGHT WHITE MEN… ha ha. As if) are brilliant too. All in all it’s going to be amazing. I can hear A****w L******e hate wanking over it already.


Seventeen DVD filming

On God’s very own Sunday 4th Sept 2016, myself, Chris Coltrane and Stuart Laws will be filming our fringe shows at the Phoenix in Cavendish Square in London. Please do come along. It’s like a mini comedy festival and absolutely free although obvs we will beg for money afterwards. But if you don’t have any money, come anyway and maybe pop a hand-drawn postcard or knitted Rimmer from Red Dwarf (my nan once made me one of these – no idea what happened to it) in the bucket. You will need a ticket though which can be not bought from here. No idea what the fellas are doing with their videos but mine will more than likely be available as a ‘download only’ near Christmas. Buy the woman you love a download code and see her face light up on Xmas morning as she stares at the screen of an iPad.

A little fringe update

Hello. Here’s a little update. So Seventeen at The Caves is going well. Although no one has bought a VIP ticket yet. It’s fine. I will be selling the VIP goody bags afterwards to help pay for the fringe debt (there will be a debt) so it’s like crowdfunding only after the event rather than before.

Also Dani Frankenstein Returns has become a bit different. I had planned to do last years show with some new bits – as I’m back in the Voodoo Rooms – but as I’m not listed in the main guide and my rooms is the lovely but not very showbiz French Quarter and I’m on just after midday, I found myself attracting a very ‘un-sexy hip hop’- audience. Old ladies we’re nearly fainting, Scottish men were shouting at me. So instead of ruining everyone’s day the show is now Dani Frankenstein’s Spookywooky Cocktail Hour (40 mins). It’s a jazz Tales of the Unexpected. Three stories that I have written, read out to a jazz soundtrack. It’s a very chilled start to your fringe day. Low-key laidback sexy jazz brunch. Please come now I know what it is. THANKS


Stages now on Comedy Central

The short film I made last year is now on the Comedy Central website. Watch it if you fancy. I had to kiss the man who gets eaten by a bear in the Betway advert.


As well as normal tickets for my fringe show (£6 or £1 for U21) I’m offering ONE TICKET PER SHOW for what I’m calling The Katy Perry Experience. You know how if you see a popstar at the O2 you can pay £250 for an sub-par VIP ticket. That’s what I’m doing! For £50 you get a front row seat, Irn Bru, a warm sandwich and an AMAZING goody bag with a signed poster. BUT NO BOOZE. I’ll probably stick around and say hello to whoever buys it. Totally unlike Katy Perry. She’d have nothing to do with you lot.

These tickets are only available from the Just The Tonic box office and will not be onsale until the Fringe actually starts. Please be aware all tickets are non-refundable and purchased at your own peril. And they cost £50. FIFTY POUNDS (although this money does go towards me not getting fed up of making all the Do The Right Things for free)

NB. NO BOOZE AS PART OF THE TICKET (due to Scotland’s quite sensible licencing laws)

Other News

I’ve not put anything on here for ages as I’ve been busy. But a sum up would be…

Do The Right Thing – we filmed a little pilot of this last month. Until we find out what’s happening with it though it’s business as usual so we’re recording the next one for podcast on 15th June. Maybe in July and then we’re also doing one as part of the International Podcast Festival at Kings Place. Tickets for that are £14 which seems insane and is nothing to do with us.

Karaoke Circus – We’re doing a Prince special on 27th June at 100 Club. Unless Macca pops in the next two years this will be the last one we do until the tenth anniversary ‘festival’ in 2018. All money is going to Arts Emergency. Tickets available here.

Danger Mouse – I’ve written another episode even though my first episode hasn’t even aired yet. I love this show.

Scripts – I’m working on three scripts. It’s exhausting.

Edinburgh Fringe

Hello. I’m taking two shows to the fringe this year. My main one that is totally new and stand-up (rather than dicking about in a wig) will be on at the Just The Tonic Caves 2.40-3.40pm every single day (except 15th). Tickets are available now for £6.

But I’m also doing Daniel Frankenstein Returns as part of the Free Fringe at the Voodoo Rooms 12.20pm (not Tuesdays). This one will be a mix of last years show and some new stuff, and is not on the Edfringe website as it’s a sexy secret that only you know about.