Writer, comedian, woman



2nd Jan – Crowley & Co, The Bill Murray, London

29th Jan – Abigail’s Party Comedy Cabaret, London (The line up is great)

31st Jan – XS Malarky, Manchester

3rd Feb – Gorringe Comedy, Gorring Park Pub, Tooting

10th Feb – Seventeen, Just The Tonic, Leicester (Full Edinburgh Show)

11th Feb – Standard Issue In Conversation (With Sarah Millican), Leicester

19th Feb – Resofit, Leicester Square Theatre (3.30pm) – With S Lee, D Kitson, T Law & L Schaffer.

25th Feb – Wimbourne Comedy Club, Wimbourne

15th Mar – Spookywookycocktailhour, The Phoenix – Live recording of some stupid scary sketches etc. This won’t be a regular gig. I’m just piggy-backing on someone else’s podcast night.

31st Mar – SBM Northampton

2nd Apr – All Day Edinburgh, The Phoenix, London

9th Apr – Questing Time, The Phoenix, London

10th Apr – ACMS, The Bill Murray, Islington




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