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Seventeen available on Next Up

My 2016 sell-out fringe show is now available to stream on fabulous UK comedy site Next Up. You can try before you buy with this 10 minute taster.

The Things We Do For Love

Last year I was a guest on Isy Suttie’s podcast ‘The Things We Do For Love‘. This is the funniest I have ever been on anything ever so please give it a listen. I was fractionally drunk.

Short Filum

Hello. The short film I was in ‘Stages’ has completed its fairly extensive run of the festival circuit and has been put out to pasture on Vimeo. You can watch it if you like.

Kitson! Law! Lee! Me! (Resofit)

I’ve been asked to do the Resonance benefit gig at Leicester Square Theatre on 19th February. I assume because I own vinyl records. Also on are male comedians Stewart Lee, Tony Law and Lewis Schaffer. Daniel Kitson is MCing. I KNOW. It’s all sold out (natch) but some tickets might pop up on the day.

Happy News Year

Did you have a nice one? I watched Iron Man 3 and was in bed by 11.30pm. Rock and Roll.

I’ve added some gigs to my gigs page including doing Seventeen for the last time on 10th Feb at the Leicester Comedy Festival and I’ll be doing a talk with Sarah Millican for Standard Issue also at LCF the day after on 11th. I’m staying with my nan in Nottingham FYI fact fans. ┬áPlus I’m closing for Abi Burdess, XS Malarky and Wimbourne comedy club in the next few weeks.

No word yet on Do The Right Thing posh telly pilot. It was great fun. Claudia Winkleman was brilliant. I’d had no sleep. Good times.

I will get my newsletter out soon. So much work. So little time. Such a terrible bout of Norovirus before Christmas.


Do The Right Thing gets a TV Pilot

I should have probably put this up sooner, but yes – Do The Right Thing has a TV pilot. Tickets went instantly but details of how you can win a pair of places on the VIP guestlist will be in the November edition of my newsletter when that comes out at the weekend. Sign up for it here.

We’re filming at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden on 9th November. Michael & Margaret are team captains, I’ll be doing some sort of co-host/scores/scenarios shtick and we’ve got a BIG NAME PERSON to host. Also the panelists (FOUR STRAIGHT WHITE MEN… ha ha. As if) are brilliant too. All in all it’s going to be amazing. I can hear A****w L******e hate wanking over it already.

Seventeen DVD filming

On God’s very own Sunday 4th Sept 2016, myself, Chris Coltrane and Stuart Laws will be filming our fringe shows at the Phoenix in Cavendish Square in London. Please do come along. It’s like a mini comedy festival and absolutely free although obvs we will beg for money afterwards. But if you don’t have any money, come anyway and maybe pop a hand-drawn postcard or knitted Rimmer from Red Dwarf (my nan once made me one of these – no idea what happened to it) in the bucket. You will need a ticket though which can be not bought from here. No idea what the fellas are doing with their videos but mine will more than likely be available as a ‘download only’ near Christmas. Buy the woman you love a download code and see her face light up on Xmas morning as she stares at the screen of an iPad.