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Hello and welcome to 2019. I’ve neglected to update this website for ages because I largely assume no one is interested in anything I do. But I’ve realised that’s just my immediate family so here’s a brief rundown of what happened last year. I went back to work 8 weeks after having a baby. I wrote a play that had a sold out run at the Edinburgh fringe, I worked a lot on Idris Elba’s Sky sitcom In The Long Run. I sold three projects into development and I’m also writing a film. I did not gig AT ALL. That’s a longer hiatus than  Louis C.K and I didn’t even spaff over my own disgusting hairy stomach while horrified women looked on.

2019 looks very exciting with new series of Any Stupid Questions and Do The Right Thing starting early this year. I’m on the News Quiz on 18th January as an actual person rather than backroom writer, my play The Half has a very limited run at Vault Festival (1/5 of the tickets already gone) and I’m starting a new comedy club in York which is where I now live. Why did I move to York I hear you cry, when London has it all? My baby has congenital heart disease and the pollution in zone 1 would fuck her right up.  So you can blame BORIS JOHNSON for that.



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