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A little fringe update

Hello. Here’s a little update. So Seventeen at The Caves is going well. Although no one has bought a VIP ticket yet. It’s fine. I will be selling the VIP goody bags afterwards to help pay for the fringe debt (there will be a debt) so it’s like crowdfunding only after the event rather than before.

Also Dani Frankenstein Returns has become a bit different. I had planned to do last years show with some new bits – as I’m back in the Voodoo Rooms – but as I’m not listed in the main guide and my rooms is the lovely but not very showbiz French Quarter and I’m on just after midday, I found myself attracting a very ‘un-sexy hip hop’- audience. Old ladies we’re nearly fainting, Scottish men were shouting at me. So instead of ruining everyone’s day the show is now Dani Frankenstein’s Spookywooky Cocktail Hour (40 mins). It’s a jazz Tales of the Unexpected. Three stories that I have written, read out to a jazz soundtrack. It’s a very chilled start to your fringe day. Low-key laidback sexy jazz brunch. Please come now I know what it is. THANKS



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