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As well as normal tickets for my fringe show (£6 or £1 for U21) I’m offering ONE TICKET PER SHOW for what I’m calling The Katy Perry Experience. You know how if you see a popstar at the O2 you can pay £250 for an sub-par VIP ticket. That’s what I’m doing! For £50 you get a front row seat, Irn Bru, a warm sandwich and an AMAZING goody bag with a signed poster. BUT NO BOOZE. I’ll probably stick around and say hello to whoever buys it. Totally unlike Katy Perry. She’d have nothing to do with you lot.

These tickets are only available from the Just The Tonic box office and will not be onsale until the Fringe actually starts. Please be aware all tickets are non-refundable and purchased at your own peril. And they cost £50. FIFTY POUNDS (although this money does go towards me not getting fed up of making all the Do The Right Things for free)

NB. NO BOOZE AS PART OF THE TICKET (due to Scotland’s quite sensible licencing laws)


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