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Other News

I’ve not put anything on here for ages as I’ve been busy. But a sum up would be…

Do The Right Thing – we filmed a little pilot of this last month. Until we find out what’s happening with it though it’s business as usual so we’re recording the next one for podcast on 15th June. Maybe in July and then we’re also doing one as part of the International Podcast Festival at Kings Place. Tickets for that are £14 which seems insane and is nothing to do with us.

Karaoke Circus – We’re doing a Prince special on 27th June at 100 Club. Unless Macca pops in the next two years this will be the last one we do until the tenth anniversary ‘festival’ in 2018. All money is going to Arts Emergency. Tickets available here.

Danger Mouse – I’ve written another episode even though my first episode hasn’t even aired yet. I love this show.

Scripts – I’m working on three scripts. It’s exhausting.


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