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Masculine Feminist Pop Sensation

Now, unless something comes up, I am taking a tiny little show to the fringe. I’ll be on 10th -16th Aug at the Voodoo Rooms at 12pm MIDDAY lunchtime. Annoyingly I clash with the only show I really want to see (Bridget Christie – she’s on at 11.10am), but I can live with it if it means I can be drunk by 1.30. The show is called ‘Masculine Feminist Pop Sensation’ (although I might yet call it ‘No Dicks in the Band’) and it’ll be songs. No stand up, no sketches, no dicks in the band. Oh and it’s FREE.

NB There will be no Do The Right Thing at the Fringe this year as it’s an incredible amount of work/kit lugging, to just about break even.

UPDATE: The show is called Dani Frankenstein: Shut Up and Dance.  Not being in the fringe guide has its advantages for the indecisive.


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