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Some things I should mention

Here are some things.

Miranda Sawyer wrote a lovely bit on Do The Right Thing in the Observer

There is a new series of Dilemma that starts on Radio 4 at 6.30pm, on 4th Feb. I am on one of the episodes but I don’t know what order they go out in so you’ll just have to listen to them all.

I was a “funny” guest on an episode of supercool podcast International Waters although a lot of it is pure filth. I apologise. I’d gone sugar free for two weeks and it all got a bit much.

The new series of Do The Right Thing is now officially out. Woo. First episode features Sarah Millican and Jesse Thorn. Guests later in the series are Sara Pascoe v Jason Manford, Peacock v Gamble and Simon Munnery v Lucy Porter. They were all a pleasure to make.

I’m a guest on Rob Deering’s excellent live comedy music quiz thing Beat This on 26th Feb. I think it’s somewhere in Stoke Newington.

Myself and Martin White have started work on our third musical. It will absolutely not be going anywhere near Edinburgh, instead the plan is to do a short run in London in the Summer. Or October. Depends when we finish it. All I can tell you is it involves a guy and a gun and a crime and a dame. We’d like Benedict Cumberbatch to play the guy, so if you see him, do let him know.

Against my better judgement, I am coming out of stand up semi-retirement just for one night (morning…) only to take part in Joe Wells’ Guinness World Record Breaking stand-up show. It’s in Portsmouth (so I can visit my friends new babies) and I’m doing 7am on 18th March. It could be awful. But I’ll bring breakfast and I’ve written some songs using garageband on my phone, just like Mozart would have done were he not dead.

Other than that I’ve got so much writing work on, I’m getting an office. I know. Fancy.


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