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Speakeasy online in full for FREE

I’ve put my 2012 Edinburgh Show “Speakeasy” online for free. Why have I put it online for free when I could make millions of dollars selling it in HMV? Well…

a) Clearly I am almost entirely unknown so no one would buy it

b) To get it recorded professionally would have cost thousands of pounds

c) There is none of my stand-up online, something I’ve been meaning to sort out for about 3 years

d) I’d make exactly the same amount of money touring this show ( minus £200) and this way I don’t have to leave my lovely flat

Feel free to write horrible comments on the vimeo page. I will never read them. I’M NOT INSANE. (Love you all. Bye xx)

PS. Yes the mic feed does change about 10 minutes before the end.



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