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Take A Break Tales

In 2006 I wrote a play called Take a Break Tales based on the sort of stories you find in those womens weekly magazines. They started out life as ‘Chat Plays’ at Robin Inces Book Clubs where I’d take one of the stories from that weeks copy of Chat and then make them into sketches. Stephen Merchant played a policeman in one of them. I think he was a bit confused. I like to think of them as modern Greek Tragedies, but then I am a bit of a prick. The tales included a story about a women who accidentaly had sex with her long lost son and a woman who bit her best friends cheek off. Awesome prodcuer Siobhan Bachman took the show to Edinburgh.

Director – Hannah Mackay
Cast – Neil Edmond, Isy Suttie, Emma Fryer

Fact: Take a Break Magazine liked the show so much they ran a little feature on it. And gave me a free mug.

Exit Music: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John

‘Not a gag is missed’ – The Stage

‘You can’t but help fall for Ward’s talent’ – Metro


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