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Psister Psycho

Based on a true story, Psister Psycho is the tale of Martha, who at the age of 21 is sent to the convent on a hill to stop the people of her town being raped by a sea monster. Upon arrival she discovers the place is actually a munitions factory and the lovely Sister Mary Somethingcatholic is actually the insane lesbian robot Psister Psycho – who is intent on destroying the world.

I went back to the Caves in 2007 with the now cult Fringe musical Psister Psycho, the first Ward and White project. I’d met Martin White at the Book Club and was very impressed he could play the piano with both hands. I asked if he fancied composing the music for a show I’d written about killer lesbian robotic nun intent on destroying the world. He agreed. The show was nominated for A Chortle Award ‘Best Full Length Show’, though we didn’t win. Stewart bloody Lee did. All the characters were named after songs on ‘The White Album’. I played the eponemous villain Psister Psycho/Sister Mary Somethingcatholic.
Director – Chris George
Martha – Margaret Cabourn-Smith
Billy – Colin Hoult
Rocky – Katy Wix
Pru – Anna Crilly
Psister Psycho – Danielle Ward
Mute Monk – Martin White

Fact: Benedict Cumberbatch liked it so much he gave us a standing ovation until we finished playing the exit music and everyone else had left the theatre.  I love him.
Exit Music: Psister Psycho Overture (80s style) – Ward and White

“The sharpness of the script matches the exuberance of the performance; making for a uniquely pleasurable ride that’s in turns silly, sick, surreal or just plain showbiz glitzy. Great fun” – Chortle


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