Writer, comedian, woman

Danielle Ward Lies

Back to the Pleasance for my second stand up show. This one had a theme as the Comedy Union recommends you do. Theme or story. I chose “Lies” because the fringe programme deadline is in March and that was generic enough for me to write anything around it. In the show I did impressions of David Bowie, Kris Marshall and Adrian Chiles and yet there was no phonecall from ‘Dead Ringers’ afterwards.

Fact: Adrian Chiles pretending to be sick because he hates the idea of plain flavoured crisps is my favourite thing I’ve done onstage. It’s also probably why I’ve never been asked back on Mock the Week.

Exit Music: Theme from “Top Gun”

“few stand-up routines are as daringly honest as this one…  it’s difficult not to be truthful after this wonderfully cathartic show. “ – British Theatre Guide

“the resulting hour of comedy is wonderfully thought-provoking, with the kind of finely crafted writing that you’d expect from a Radio 4 regular” – The Guardian


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