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Edinburgh TV Festival

I’m only going to be in Edinburgh for a couple of days this year as I’m on one of the panels at the TV Festival talking about how to be excellent at podcasting. I feel a bit sad because I always have a million ideas for shows I’d love to put on – I’m determined to finish a horror comedy play I started a few years ago – but the costs are so crazy these days (mainly accommodation) that you either do a career focused show that isn’t that interesting but might get you on Viceland TV or a 5 minute sketch on BBC3 online, or something free and bonkers in a room with no lighting that sometimes smells of sick and where a drunk man will scream abuse at you five nights in a row. Only a lucky few get to ride the waves inbetween and that usually due to some financial sponsorship/management covering costs/they’ve been giving handjobs to a kindly benefactor all year. Plus I’ll be 6 months up the duff and quite frankly the idea of a ‘dry’ fringe fills me with more horror than childbirth.

That said here are some shows I recommend; Michael Legge, Colin Hoult, Jessica Fosteskew, Tom Neenan, Sara Pascoe, Lucy Porter, Sarah Kendall, Jenny Bede. I’ve not seen any of them though so if they’re fucking rubbish don’t blame me.


London Podcast Festival 2017

I’m doing two new podcasts at the London Podcast Festival. Because my co-hosts have sodded off for the summer we’re doing our second episode of Bad Therapy on Saturday 16th September at 9pm. I’m also hosting the pilot episode of a brand new political comedy podcast called Any Stupid Questions the next night Sunday 17th September at 9pm. No guests confirmed yet but believe me they’ll be incredible. We’re aiming for Graham Chapman and Nelson Mandela.

Seventeen available on Next Up

My 2016 sell-out fringe show is now available to stream on fabulous UK comedy site Next Up. You can try before you buy with this 10 minute taster.

The Things We Do For Love

Last year I was a guest on Isy Suttie’s podcast ‘The Things We Do For Love‘. This is the funniest I have ever been on anything ever so please give it a listen. I was fractionally drunk.

Short Filum

Hello. The short film I was in ‘Stages’ has completed its fairly extensive run of the festival circuit and has been put out to pasture on Vimeo. You can watch it if you like.

Kitson! Law! Lee! Me! (Resofit)

I’ve been asked to do the Resonance benefit gig at Leicester Square Theatre on 19th February. I assume because I own vinyl records. Also on are male comedians Stewart Lee, Tony Law and Lewis Schaffer. Daniel Kitson is MCing. I KNOW. It’s all sold out (natch) but some tickets might pop up on the day.

Happy News Year

Did you have a nice one? I watched Iron Man 3 and was in bed by 11.30pm. Rock and Roll.

I’ve added some gigs to my gigs page including doing Seventeen for the last time on 10th Feb at the Leicester Comedy Festival and I’ll be doing a talk with Sarah Millican for Standard Issue also at LCF the day after on 11th. I’m staying with my nan in Nottingham FYI fact fans. ┬áPlus I’m closing for Abi Burdess, XS Malarky and Wimbourne comedy club in the next few weeks.

No word yet on Do The Right Thing posh telly pilot. It was great fun. Claudia Winkleman was brilliant. I’d had no sleep. Good times.

I will get my newsletter out soon. So much work. So little time. Such a terrible bout of Norovirus before Christmas.