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Ward & White’s Fun Haus returns!

Woo. Myself & Martin White are doing some very exciting musical comedy nights at the Old Queen’s Head in Islington in the new year. The first half of each show will be fab musical comedians and non musical weirdos, and the second half will be us work-shopping our next musical (working title WW3). and there will be a haus band ‘The People of Gotham’. It’s going to be a cross between Karaoke Circus, ACMS and our silly musicals. Dates are 5th Jan, 2nd March and 4th May. (NB Martin will be in Berlin for the first one so there won’t be any musical theatre. But there will be all new Dani Frankenstein songs).

UPDATE: We’ve had to move it to 14th Jan BUT this means we will be debuting stuff from WW3 (the third musical in our trilogy of stupid musicals)

VAULT Festival

I’m performing ‘Dani Frankenstein: Shut Up & Dance’ at the VAULT Festival in the Waterloo Tunnels, 18th – 22nd Feb. It’ll be some stuff from last years Edinburgh show and some new songs. I’ve been listening to a lot of Kanye to get in character. Tickets available now. I’m really excited about it as dicking about to music is my favourite thing to do onstage.

Flat The Slam Thing – 29th October

We’re recording another double bill of Do The Right Thing & Flatshare Slamdown on 29th October at the Phoenix. Tickets are not on sale yet, but we expect it’ll sell out.

Edit: Tickets are on sale here

International Waters

I recorded another episode of podcast International Waters in August while in Los Angeles. It’s much harder to be a smutty English woman when very lovely Americans can see your face. It’s on the Maximum Fun website now, or on iTunes, or other places probably. Welsh Iraqi Nadia Kamil was my team mate as she was also there.

A few live dates (with more to follow)

I’m doing a few live things this autumn, and then next year I will be back working on two projects. WW3 with Martin White, and a full Dani Frankenstein show. However, until then I’ll be doing something at Robin Ince’s Dead Funny night at the Bloomsbury on 2nd Nov. Not sure what yet, probably a short play. I’m also doing two things All Day Edinburgh at the Phoenix on 9th Nov; a short Dani Frankenstein set and a short Xmas Special of Do The Right Thing. Bonus.

Dead Funny

I’ve written a short horror story for anthology book Dead Funny (Salt Publishing). All the stories are written by comics/comedy writers/funny actors/hilarious pets etc, including people like Tim Key, Jeremy Dyson, Sara Pascoe and Reece Shearsmith. I know. What bloody excellent collection of people. My story is about a woman called Nerys Bag who thinks she is going to die. To find out if she does or not you’ll need to buy a copy.

Edit: Due to a colossal fuck up by the publishers, my story is credited to Danielle Wheeler in the first edition. But I wrote it. It’s MINE! Why not sneak into Waterstones, tippex out the wrong name and then cry. That’s what I’m going to do.

Dani Frankenstein in The Guardian

Given that I was doing an unlisted week long Free Fringe show, it was rather nice to be featured in The Guardian in a gallery of comics. All the pictures were taken by ubersnapper Idil Sukan/Draw HQ. Including this one of me near some bins.

Photo by Idil Sukan/Draw HQ


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