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Hackney Preview Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to illness, my preview on 30th July at The Yard in Hackney has been cancelled. However, you’ll still be able to see the show Dani Frankenstein: Shut Up & Dance at the Phoenix Fringe.

Fringe Picks

Here are some shows I’m planning on seeing at the Fringe because I think they’ll be proper good.

Sara Pascoe: 8.15pm, Assembly George Square

Ray Peacock: 9.25pm Underbelly Bristo Square

Bridget Christie: 11.10am The Stand

Sarah Kendall: 9.30pm Pleasance Courtyard

Tom Neenan: 4.15pm Pleasance Courtyard

Ed Gamble: 9.45pm Pleasance Courtyard.

Chef: 6.10pm Underbelly

Pascoe, Christie and Kendall are probably my three favourite stand-ups at the moment. All very funny, clever and excellent comics. I always go and see Peacock & Gamble, let’s hope they’re not rubbish solo (they’re not), Tom Neenan’s show sounds really fun and my friend Jade Anouka is in Chef and she’s brilliant.


I’ve added a scripts page and have uploaded some bits and pieces as that seemed like a nice thing to do. If you hate them don’t feel you have to tell me. This isn’t bloody Amazon. 

British Library Archives

Both Gutted: A Revengers Musical, and Take a Break Tales are held in the British Library as pieces of modern theatre (for when the aliens come, and wonder “what made humans laugh”). This makes me exactly as good as John Lennon.

Phoenix Fringe

I’m doing a couple of things at the Phoenix Fringe. We’re recording a new Do The Right Thing on 5th at some point in the evening. (I can’t remember everything can I?) and on 6th I’m performing my experimental (potentially disastrous) music solo show. That is at 10pm. I remembered that one.

DTRT guests will be Ben Clark and Isy Suttie, with Matthew Crosby filling Michael Legge’s angry boots. Pappys ahoy.

Do The Right Thing Soho Theatre 15th June

Hello. We’re doing another DTRT at the Soho Theatre on 15th June. No idea who the guests are yet so if you’re famous and reading this do get in touch.

UPDATE: Guests are Humphrey Ker and Brett Goldstein. (which one gets to be the girl?) with special expert Simon Price.

Dilemma has been given another series!

No other details as yet. But hooray. #sixseasonsandamovie

UPDATE: We’ll be recording them in November and December.


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