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Edinburgh and Beyond…

Thanks to everybody who came to see my silly hour in Edinburgh this year. Especially the guys who turned up in Dani Frankenstein t-shirts  – that’s the nearest I’ll ever get to a hen night. It was pretty much a total sell out bar a couple of midweek dates and bizarrely the last Saturday when just 17 people came. I assume everyone else was hungover? I’d love to tour the show but I don’t have a producer/PR person and I haven’t got the time or connections to do it myself so if you run a lovely arts centre somewhere and fancy an hour of stupid sexy (non-sexy) hip hop then get in touch. Otherwise I’ll be back next year with an entirely new show.


Do The Right Thing: Series 5 out now

After seventeen years since our last series, Do The Right Thing is back. Guests include Katherine Ryan, Doc Brown, Dave Gorman and Joe Lycett. I have barely any recollection of what was said in any of them, which is a bit worrying.

Danielle Ward: Dani Frankenstein Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Do come. It’s bloody well free innit.


I’m only doing a handful of previews this year so if you want to see the show and you’re not going to Edinburgh or you don’t want to queue then there are limited opportunities.

7th June – Winsford (Cheshire)

8th June – The Albany, Great Portland Street (This is my ONLY full on preview)

18th June – Bread & Roses Clapham

15th July – Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

23rd July – Free Fringe Fundraiser.

Stages – short film

I’m starring (yes, properly the lead) in a short film backed by Creative England. It’s a very funny short about a stand-up comic (such a stretch) who has an itchy privates (again, it’s well within my personal experience). They’re looking for additional funding so please do back this project. I give you so much for free, why not chuck a few quid towards this?

Edinburgh Fringe 2015

So I’m doing a show

Danielle Ward: Dani Frankenstein

12.30pm at The Voodoo Rooms (8th – 30th)

Plus I’ll be doing extra shows for people who think 12.30pm is a stupid time for saucy hip hop.

8.25pm at Cannons Gait (12th/19th/26th)

9.30pm at Speakeasy (17th only)

The main reason for this post is so I don’t forget about the extra gigs. My handwriting is terrible and if I put them in my diary I’ll only get the details wrong.

NB all of these shows are FREE. Bring the world.

Dilemma starts 6th April

So the new series of Dilemma starts on 6th April at 6.30pm on Radio 4. Yes, it is a Monday. Yes, that is the slot usually preserved for sexy old duffer panel shows. Well done Team Dilemma. We’ve got some really excellent guests on this series including Jessica Hynes, Matthew Parris, Michael Legge (you might know of him) and Sarah Millican. And loads more.


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